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REVIEW: Drake, he’s an acquired taste

Listening to a Drake album for the first time while playing with your kids in your suburban enclave is the second most un-Drake setting possible. A Tibetan monastery came in first, a convent was third. That being said, I remember saving Thank Me Later for… Keep Reading

Image Lima Charlie SPORTS

Lima Charlie Sports is LIVE! Athletes Behaving Badly – S02 Ep.01

Lima Charlie Sports is back! In this episode, “Athletes Behaving Badly,” Mike and Mario talk about off-field behavior among athletes and whether anything should excuse bad behavior. They discuss Ezekiel Elliott’s St. Patrick’s Day float incident, whether his off-field behavior should be scrutinized to the degree… Keep Reading

Image Veiled Jordanian Muslim girl with basketball in Amman gym.

FIBA’s ‘hijab ban’ still the rule in women’s basketball

OpEd: Lima Charlie Correspondent Stephanie Kline reports on The International Basketball Federation’s slow pace in removing an antiquated and discriminatory “hijab ban” and a failed commitment to religious and political neutrality. The International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the Swiss-based 213 member association governing international competition in… Keep Reading

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