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Lima Charlie News reports on issues concerning veterans, including policy & legislation, healthcare, career, outreach & education.

A Trump war crime pardon dishonors us all [Lima Charlie News]

Opinion | A Trump war crime pardon dishonors us all

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering granting pardons for several military members who have been accused or convicted of war crimes, including some who have not yet gone to trial. The pardons may be issued this Memorial Day. OPINION by U.S. Army Veteran William Stuebner.… Keep Reading

Image Remembering Becket - A mother's search for answers [Lima Charlie News](Photo: Becket Kiernan)

Remembering Becket – A mother’s search for answers

The following article originally appeared in Newsweek on February 27, 2019, and is being republished by Lima Charlie World with permission. The original can be read here (titled “Marine’s Death From Flesh-Eating Bacteria Revealed Military Failures, Thanks To Mother Refusing To Let Son Die In… Keep Reading

Image A Veterans Day call to a nation divided [Lima Charlie News]

A Veterans Day call to a nation divided

Just over two months after the funeral of John McCain, in what was likely the greatest moment of bipartisanship in years, post midterm elections show that this spirit of national unity seems more bygone than ever. The line weaving through the serpentine in front of the… Keep Reading

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