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Lima Charlie News reports on issues concerning veterans, including policy & legislation, healthcare, career, outreach & education.

Image Geronimo: A Service Dog's Tale [Lima Charlie News][Image: Don Martinez]

Geronimo: A Service Dog’s Tale

Lima Charlie News Correspondent Don Martinez, a combat veteran, is about to embark on an adventure with his best friend and service dog, Geronimo. My first service dog was named Charlie. She was a Yellow Lab that I rescued from the local shelter. She was… Keep Reading

Main image Lt. Gen. Edward L. Rowny

Legendary U.S. General Edward L. Rowny dies at 100

Former Ambassador and Lt. Gen. Edward L. Rowny, who graduated from West Point in 1941, served in three wars (World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam), was as an advisor to five presidents and was one of President Reagan’s key architects of the policy… Keep Reading

Lima Charlie Podcast: Opioids, Veterans and the VA

The opioid epidemic in the United States is now a public health emergency, following Donald Trump’s declaration on Oct. 26. However, as Lima Charlie News reported the day before that declaration, opioid abuse amongst military veterans rarely receives headlines, despite veterans being prescribed opiates at a… Keep Reading

Image Bunker Labs Muster Event

Energize Entrepreneurship: Bunker Labs Muster Conference 2017

Integrate Veterans Fully To Energize Entrepreneurship: a Bunker Labs OpEd As we celebrate Veterans Day, November 11th, let’s commit to integrating veterans fully into American society. That’s the biggest challenge facing military veterans who are entrepreneurs, in our experience at Bunker Labs, which works with… Keep Reading

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