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Lima Charlie News reports on issues critical to national security, including intelligence, cyber, diplomacy, terrorism, economic and global climate change.

Cyber Warfare Now – Tales from the Digital Battlefield

Democracies worldwide are facing critical challenges from ever expanding cyberwarfare operations with the ability to not just threaten infrastructure, but to control information. Until recently, it was generally accepted that there were just five countries that had the capability of carrying out offensive and defensive… Keep Reading

STRATEGIC OPTION | Syrian Endgame - The Hard Truth [Lima Charlie News][Photo: Bulent Kilic]

STRATEGIC OPTION | Syrian Endgame – The Hard Truth

A harsh reality is that the Syrian revolution is an abject failure. Nothing will rescue the dream of Syrian democracy. It’s time for radical policy initiatives, even distasteful ones, to stop the needless slaughter of countless innocents. It’s time for realpolitik. It’s time for an… Keep Reading

Image Putin’s Great Game in the Balkans, and Beyond [Lima Charlie News]

Putin’s Great Game in the Balkans, and Beyond

OPINION | Russia’s Vladimir Putin has a clear vision of his international objectives and how to achieve them. The Balkans and Turkey play a role in these plans, especially those aimed at weakening NATO, stopping its expansion, and diminishing the desire of countries to join… Keep Reading

Image The fate of Afghanistan’s NATO Generation [Lima Charlie World][Photo: Shamsia Hassani]

The fate of Afghanistan’s NATO Generation

OPINION | Almost 18 years ago the U.S. led NATO into Afghanistan. Today the majority of its 35 million people – the NATO Generation – were born or came of age with a significant international military, diplomatic and development presence in their country. This young,… Keep Reading

Image Vietnam to Iraq - America's Lessons Never Learned [Lima Charlie News] [Photo: Anja Niedringhaus / AP]

Vietnam to Iraq – America’s Lessons Never Learned

Vietnam Veteran and Middle East scholar, U.S. Colonel Norvell DeAtkine reflects on the U.S. government’s recent report, The U.S. Army in the Iraq War, the longest and most detailed study of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Iraq conflict thus far. “We have а professional and… Keep Reading

Image Organised Crime in Asia - A Convenient Relationship [Lima Charlie News]

Organised Crime in Asia – An [In]convenient Relationship

There is an escalating crisis in Southeast Asia. A crisis developing from the symbiosis of organised crime, terrorism and the covert domestic and foreign policy ambitions of several Asian nations. Dr. Gary K. Busch examines organised crime and international politics in Asia — Part 1:… Keep Reading

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