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Cyber Warfare Now – Tales from the Digital Battlefield

Democracies worldwide are facing critical challenges from ever expanding cyberwarfare operations with the ability to not just threaten infrastructure, but to control information. Until recently, it was generally accepted that there were just five countries that had the capability of carrying out offensive and defensive… Keep Reading

Image The fate of Afghanistan’s NATO Generation [Lima Charlie World][Photo: Shamsia Hassani]

The fate of Afghanistan’s NATO Generation

OPINION | Almost 18 years ago the U.S. led NATO into Afghanistan. Today the majority of its 35 million people – the NATO Generation – were born or came of age with a significant international military, diplomatic and development presence in their country. This young,… Keep Reading

Image The Trouble With Turkey’s Economy [Lima Charlie News]

The Trouble With Turkey’s Economy

How did Turkey go from rapid growth to economic crisis so quickly? The Turkish economy has become a truly perplexing case. Investing in emerging markets is always a risky game to play. Trying to sift through volumes of information and then place it in the… Keep Reading

Image Lima Charlie News Headline Organised Crime Part 2 Busch FEB 24 2019

Major Chinese Triads

Major Chinese Triads [Appendix to ‘Organised Crime in Asia – An [In]convenient Relationship: Part 2‘] 14K Group 十四K 14K Baai Lo 十四K 湃廬 14K Chung 十四K 忠字堆 14K Chung Yee Tong 十四K 忠義堂 14K Hau 十四K 孝字堆 14K Kim 十四K 劍字堆 14K Lai 十四K 禮字堆 14K Lun 十四K 倫字堆 14K Ngai 十四K 毅字堆 14K Sai Shing Tong 十四K 西勝堂 14K Sai Yee Tong 十四K 西義堂 14K… Keep Reading

Image Organised Crime in Asia - A Convenient Relationship [Lima Charlie News]

Organised Crime in Asia – An [In]convenient Relationship

There is an escalating crisis in Southeast Asia. A crisis developing from the symbiosis of organised crime, terrorism and the covert domestic and foreign policy ambitions of several Asian nations. Dr. Gary K. Busch examines organised crime and international politics in Asia — Part 1:… Keep Reading

Image What’s ailing South Korea? [Lima Charlie News]

What’s ailing South Korea?

Investors may look at the prevalence of South Korean brands, and the success of South Korean companies, and see an appealing investment destination. They should be wary. It is true that South Korea is an economic miracle, exhibiting stupendous growth over the last few decades.… Keep Reading

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