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MAIN War Machine with Brad Pitt

Review: Brad Pitt’s ‘War Machine’ goes to war, and gets lost

Netflix’s latest film “War Machine” stars Brad Pitt as General Glen McMahon. McMahon’s character is based on General Stanley McChrystal, who attempted to revitalize American involvement in Afghanistan between 2009 and 2010. It is virtually impossible to review the film without making some passing review of… Keep Reading

Image Meryl Streep

Review: Sunset Boulevard Returns To Broadway

The Palace Theater on Broadway in New York is currently hosting a limited run of Sunset Boulevard, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical based on one of my favorite films of all time (and if you have not seen the Billy Wilder masterpiece, do yourself a… Keep Reading

Image Shauna Richardson

‘The Horse Race’ interviews actress, activist Shauna Richardson

Listen in on The Horse Race podcast, Episode 25: Special Edition, with actress and political activist Shauna Richardson. The Horse Race’s Mike Connolly sat down with actress, model, writer and political activist Shauna Richardson for a special bonus episode to discuss politics, public service, her campaign support for… Keep Reading

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