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Image China's largest cities drop in population after mass displacement

China’s largest cities drop in population after mass displacement

On Jan. 24, China officially announced that the population of China’s two largest cities, Beijing and Shanghai, decreased in 2017. This is partially due to long-standing aggressive spending programs on housing across Chinese provinces. China has been implementing plans to relocate 250 million people between… Keep Reading

Image DACA Dreamers - my family story

DACA Dreamers – my family story

My dad, Jose Louis Perez, was the youngest of 10 children. He was born in Mexico. In the early 60’s, his parents decided that life in Mexico didn’t present the opportunities that America did. It was at that time my grandparents decided to come to America.… Keep Reading

ACLU issues travel warning regarding Texas immigration law

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has issued a travel alert for Texas after a new law gives police the right to investigate a person’s immigration status during routine traffic stops. The law, known as SB4, takes effect in September and bans sanctuary cities, cities… Keep Reading

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