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Image Russia's energy divides Europe [Lima Charlie News]

Russia’s energy divides Europe

OPINION: Fueled by Russian gas imports and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, an energy Cold War threatens to divide Europe. The European Union’s Energy Union initiative is a beautiful idea. An idea which is being crushed by harsh realpolitik. The controversy surrounding Nord Stream 2 reflects… Keep Reading

Image The Trouble With Turkey’s Economy [Lima Charlie News]

The Trouble With Turkey’s Economy

How did Turkey go from rapid growth to economic crisis so quickly? The Turkish economy has become a truly perplexing case. Investing in emerging markets is always a risky game to play. Trying to sift through volumes of information and then place it in the… Keep Reading

Image Huawei – China’s telecom giant hits a giant wall [Lima Charlie News]

Huawei – China’s telecom giant hits a giant wall

This Monday, in a 13-count indictment unsealed in a federal court in New York, four defendants affiliated with Chinese telecom juggernaut, Huawei Technologies were named, including Huawei’s CFO, Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s president and founder. The charges relate to an alleged scheme by… Keep Reading

Image What’s ailing South Korea? [Lima Charlie News]

What’s ailing South Korea?

Investors may look at the prevalence of South Korean brands, and the success of South Korean companies, and see an appealing investment destination. They should be wary. It is true that South Korea is an economic miracle, exhibiting stupendous growth over the last few decades.… Keep Reading

Image China’s diplomacy efficiently flatters small states [Lima Charlie News]

China’s diplomacy efficiently flatters small states

In comparing and contrasting U.S. and Chinese diplomacy, China is able to catch more flies with honey. China’s investment first, ask questions later approach offers politicians the opportunity to pass any consequences of relations with China off to their successors. For China, diplomacy is often… Keep Reading

Military Industrial Simple

A two decade taxpayer-subsidised merger & acquisition spree has turned the Military Industrial Complex into something that would be totally unrecognizable to President Dwight D. Eisenhower.   In 2017, Lockheed accrued $35 billion in defense contracts, relative to $21 billion from its nearest competitor, Boeing.… Keep Reading

Image Little choice for Russia and China but to link up [Lima Charlie News]

Little choice for Russia and China but to link up

For years, China and Russia have been making a show of seeking closer ties, but it has been more style than substance. Will the U.S. – China trade war kick the relationship into overdrive? Two years ago, China and Russia reached an agreement to link… Keep Reading

image Resistance mounts against China's President Xi Jinping [Lima Charlie News][Photo: Johannes Eisele / AFP]

Resistance mounts against China’s President Xi Jinping

China’s leadership faces rising domestic opposition in light of a faltering trade war against the US, leading Chinese society to question some long-standing truths. Chinese President, Xi Jinping, is facing increasing domestic resistance and opposition from all corners of society in light of the ongoing… Keep Reading

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