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Image Opinion | Turkey trades Democracy over promises of greatness [Lima Charlie News][Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis / AP]

Opinion | Turkey trades Democracy over promises of greatness

Has Erdogan’s re-election sealed the fate of Turkey’s fragile democracy? On June 24th, Turkey held two simultaneous elections, the parliamentary and general elections. The latter saw the controversial, albeit predictable re-election of the country’s incumbent president of 15-years, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. President Erdogan has now… Keep Reading

Image Erdogan struggles amid Turkey's currency and debt crisis [Lima Charlie News]

Erdogan struggles amid Turkey’s currency and debt crisis

Turkey’s central bank is ending a prolonged period of high inflation rates and citizens have tried to offload Turkey’s lira for foreign currencies. With presidential elections this month, Turkey will have an opportunity to render a verdict on President Erdogan’s stewardship. The financial crisis in… Keep Reading

Image Ignoring Puerto Rico is not the American way [Lima Charlie News][Photo: Mario Tama]

Ignoring Puerto Rico is not the American way

Puerto Rico was already in crisis before Hurricane Maria hit the island, and increasing casualties have added urgency to the need for reform. Both Republicans and Democrats have plans to help the island, yet neither party is taking direct aim at the high cost of… Keep Reading

Air France paralyzed by strikes [Lima Charlie News] [Photo by Le Parisien]

Air France paralyzed by strikes

Another key sector in France has erupted into strikes, as Air France-KLM saw its stocks plummet. University students and French railway workers have been protesting throughout the spring, as new French President Emanuel Macron’s reform agenda is being met with resistance. Air France-KLM Group stocks saw… Keep Reading

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