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Image America's obsession with plastic [Lima Charlie News]

America’s obsession with plastic

While plastic continues to pose a real threat to our environment and health, America’s leadership, America’s lobbyists and America’s plastic culture all fight to keep us drowning in plastic. Now it has fallen to local governments and environmental advocacy organizations to take the lead. A few… Keep Reading

Image SolarReserve Crescent Dunes - Preheating the Receiver (Photo courtesy of Molten Salt Energy Storage Making Strides

Molten Salt Energy Storage Making Strides

SolarReserve is developing technology to make a solar system with 24-hr power generating capacity. The system relies on molten salt for its efficiency.   In 2015, SolarReserve opened 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes solar energy facility. It has 1,100 megawatt-hours of energy storage, and the facility can… Keep Reading

Image Totalitarianism Crushes Pollution in China [Lima Charlie News]

Totalitarianism Crushes Pollution in China

On Friday, the Chinese capital city of Beijing announced it will spend $3 billion to reduce air pollution, which is half a billion more than last year. This comes two days after the Beijing’s mayor, Chen Jining, announced that the city would step up environmental… Keep Reading

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Environment will define the Trump Era

The Trump era will, one day, be used as a case study for how it catapulted the environmental industry forward and brought greater attention to climate change. According to IBISWorld, the environmental consulting industry will grow 18.6 billion despite current efforts to dismantle the system… Keep Reading

Nativation: The Native American Awakening

As the observance of Earth Day wraps up this weekend, my troubling thoughts as a Native American are that it took place against an all too common backdrop. One where power and a mandate have been granted to climate change deniers enabling ongoing, outright attacks… Keep Reading

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