LIVESTREAM show from the iconic NYC Veterans Day Parade with host Chuck Nice

This Veterans Day, in association with the United War Veterans Council (UWVC) and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Lima Charlie News helped amazing veterans share their personal stories of inspiration and accomplishments after transitioning from the military. Filmed via LIVESTREAM from the iconic NYC Veterans Day Parade, Lima Charlie presented a StorytellersX event. StorytellersX, from Got Your Six, gives veterans the opportunity to share their personal stories since leaving the military with their neighbors in the community, bridging the civilian-military divide.

The following show has been edited for content.

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Image LIVESTREAM - NYC Veterans Day Parade - StorytellersX Show LIVE

Charlie News Presents a StorytellersX Event

Executive Producer: Anthony A. LoPresti
Co-Executive Producer: Don Johnston
Co-Executive Producer: Tony Sklar

Associate Producer: Diego Lynch
Technical Director: Jonathan Bremner
Camera: Elena Mavrina, Diego Lynch
LIVESTREAM Editor: Tony Sklar
POST Production Editor: Elena Mavrina

Reporter, Production Assistant: James Fox
Special Ops: David Stern, David Firester
Mack Degeurin
Ashley Bogdan

In Association With:

The United War Veterans Council (UWVC)
US Department of Veterans Affairs
NYC Veterans Day Parade
VA Metro NY Community Veterans Engagement Board
Got Your 6


Host: Chuck Nice

Capt. Gail Harris
Elizabeth McCormick
John Clubb
Paul Capon
Marrisa Limsiaco
Lindsay Gutierrez
Don Johnston

Podcast Host: Yael Eisenstat


Comic Strip Live (NYC)
Contra Studios (NYC)
LunaCap Ventures
Chair Up

Special Thanks:

Chuck Nice
David Stern
David Firester
Paul Capon
LunaCap Ventures
Dan McSweeney
Tony Davis
Betsy Montanez
Kristen Rouse
Miguel Consoro
Abdel Kachtiane
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