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Lima Charlie Podcast: Opioids, Veterans and the VA

The opioid epidemic in the United States is now a public health emergency, following Donald Trump’s declaration on Oct. 26.

However, as Lima Charlie News reported the day before that declaration, opioid abuse amongst military veterans rarely receives headlines, despite veterans being prescribed opiates at a higher rate than the American civilians they protect.

President Trump declaring a public health emergency at the White House East Room on Oct. 26. He did not declare it a national emergency, however, which would have provided more funds towards curbing the epidemic. [Doug Mills/The New York Times]
Listen to Lima Charlie’s latest podcast for a discussion on opioids, featuring two characters at the center of this crisis.

Up first, Don Martinez, a retired Field Artillery Officer in the US Army, tells us about his history of opioid dependency at the VA in Colorado Springs, and how he overcame that struggle.

Then, we go to the VA Hospital in New York City to speak with Dr. Brian Sands, the Chief Medical Officer of the Opioid Treatment Program in the VA’s Harbor Healthcare System, in order to find out what the VA is doing to help veterans with a history of drug abuse.

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This episode was produced and edited by James Fox

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