Image Podcast: Combating PTSD, depression, suicide - Yoga and Meditation - Ep.03 [Lima Charlie News]

Podcast: Combating PTSD, depression, suicide – Part 2: Yoga and Meditation – Ep.04


Join Lima Charlie for the fourth in a series of podcasts addressing PTSD, depression and suicide, and the many unorthodox treatments available to those that suffer. This week: Part 2 of yoga and meditation.

This week in Part 2, the team examines the healing powers of yoga, meditation and deep breathing, while also discussing the power of prayer and whiskey.

James and Don also explain their yoga experiences, with special guest DeDe Fuentes, yoga expert.

Featuring: Don Martinez, James Cordea and Anthony A. LoPresti

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[Originally recorded July 13, 2018]

Runtime: 39 minutes

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Author profile

Anthony LoPresti’s passion for veteran’s issues, along with close friends and family members who have served, led to the development of Lima Charlie Media / Lima Charlie News, a news and content entity with a core mission: to train veterans and service members worldwide as journalists, while providing a platform for their unique perspective.

As an attorney for almost 20 years, Anthony has represented numerous clients in publishing and media, managing several law firms with offices in New York, Colorado and China. Anthony has also formed and managed several media, transmedia, film and TV production companies, and is an Associate Producer of the 2014 Academy Award® winning film “The Lady in Number 6”, which told the inspiring story of the world’s oldest Holocaust survivor. Anthony is also Executive Producer of the feature film “Imminent Threat” (2015), a documentary that explores the War on Terror and its effect on civil liberties and political discourse.

On a pro bono basis, Anthony has represented and worked with numerous charitable entities, supporting, among other things, veterans, education, healthcare, the disabled, NYFD, families of 9/11, human rights and civil rights.