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#3Marines sports is LIVE! Episode 13 with ‘Coastie’ Michael Gardner

March 7, 2017
1 min read

#3Marines is back from hiatus with Episode 13!  After two weeks of soul searching, the Marines allowed an interloper on the show, USCG veteran Michael Gardner guest hosts. This week the team talks about player loyalty and individual agency as it relates to Kevin Durant and the NBA at large.

Episode 13 – Guest host Michael Gardner comes in hot with jokes about Mario and Stephanie. Mike manages to find common ground with the team, having subjected himself to the Saw-like torture of listening to their old podcasts, and Mario makes the first of several lame jokes about Ashton Kutcher’s Coast Guard film “The Guardian”.  Our hosts then delve into ideas about why sports stars are the only ones taking flak for career mobility, the darkness of sports as a business, shady owners, and Brett Farve making someone cry. Mario makes sure to get his epic rants in. Finally, Mike walks everyone into the minefield of race in how some athlete’s career moves are perceived. To finish up, Mario enlightens us about Steve Kerr’s father’s assassination, Stephanie shouts out the NBA for relocating the All-Star game due to North Carolina’s bathroom ban, and the team wraps it up acknowledging the NBA as the most socially-vocal league. Listen in!

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