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Image Swords to Plowshares: Urban Farming for the New Warrior [Lima Charlie News]
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Swords to Plowshares: Urban Farming for the New Warrior

A U.S. Army combat veteran reports on the therapeutic nature of returning to the land, and a business built on urban farming. After 20 years of travails and a 10-year-long war, literature’s most celebrated veteran, Odysseus, finally returns to his homeland to find he does… Keep Reading

Image Crusades Through Arab Eyes
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Review of “The Crusades Through Arab Eyes” by Amin Maalouf

The Lebanese­ French Melkite Greek Catholic journalist and novelist Amin Maalouf did not set out to write an accurate history book or a fictive tale. Rather, he proceeded with the intent of laying bare the perceptions, persevering memories, and historical context of these recollections, from… Keep Reading

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A Typical Fool’s Tourist Story From China

|by John Sjoholm, Lima Charlie News Some years ago, I was traversing the backwaters of Xinjiang, to study the particular fanatic strain of Islamism that can be found in that region. It was just before the Olympics and the Chinese attention to the Xinjiang province… Keep Reading

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