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#3marines sports – Mario & James throw hissy fits, Stephanie remains calm, they bang out Eps. 7 & 8

 #3Marines is back! This week Mario & James throw hissy fits. Stephanie remains the voice of reason, while clicking her pen into the mic. Somehow they bang out Episodes 7 and 8 and it’s all fixed in post.

| Lima Charlie News Sports Correspondents & veterans Mario Figueroa (USMC), James Cordea (USMC) and Stephanie Kline (USMC) break down the world of sports on their weekly podcast “3Marines”.

This week James and Mario almost come to blows. Someone has the brilliant idea that they take turns hosting. The team bangs out 2 episodes:

Episode 7: Pro wrestling Special Edition!

One Shot One Kill – WWE Wrestling Special: Mario interviews one-on-one US Army veteran Kevin Eick about WWE pro wresting and the upcoming Royal Rumble Match. If you’re a pro wrestling fan, this is the show for you. Listen in then stay tuned for Episode 08 afterwards with the full team. Then follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinLEick

Episode 8: James hosts!

James hosts after he and Mario throw hissy fits. Stephanie clicks her pen then calms the Marines down because the show must go on. This week: Special Guest Jake Goldenberg (Marine!), Lima Charlie’s Food, Travel & Leisure Correspondent, cameos to talk about his recent world tour and coming soon food show. The team also talks about the NFL playoffs, the Packers and Patriots, Premier League soccer, the AVN Adult Film Awards, WWE Wrestling, James’ dirty fun facts, & more. Shout out to their nerdy team members at the Horse Race political podcast.

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