Image Organised Crime in Asia - A Convenient Relationship [Lima Charlie News]

Organised Crime in Asia – An [In]convenient Relationship

There is an escalating crisis in Southeast Asia. A crisis developing from the symbiosis of organised crime, terrorism and the covert domestic and foreign policy ambitions of several Asian nations. Dr. Gary K. Busch examines organised crime and international politics in Asia — Part 1:… Keep Reading

Image Huawei – China’s telecom giant hits a giant wall [Lima Charlie News]

Huawei – China’s telecom giant hits a giant wall

This Monday, in a 13-count indictment unsealed in a federal court in New York, four defendants affiliated with Chinese telecom juggernaut, Huawei Technologies were named, including Huawei’s CFO, Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s president and founder. The charges relate to an alleged scheme by… Keep Reading

Image Arabs and Kurds - Why can’t they just get along? [Lima Charlie News]

Arabs and Kurds – Why can’t they just get along?

U.S. Army Colonel Norvell DeAtkine examines the age old clash between Arabs and Kurds. The young Kurdish interpreter for American troops pointed to a tattered Iraqi flag flying over a small government building. He told me with bitterness in his voice that just seeing that… Keep Reading

Image What’s ailing South Korea? [Lima Charlie News]

What’s ailing South Korea?

Investors may look at the prevalence of South Korean brands, and the success of South Korean companies, and see an appealing investment destination. They should be wary. It is true that South Korea is an economic miracle, exhibiting stupendous growth over the last few decades.… Keep Reading

Image Iran vs. the European Union - A Murderously Difficult Balancing Act [Lima Charlie News]

Iran vs. the European Union – A Murderously Difficult Balancing Act

Europe faces a balancing act between security and Iran’s hard-liners. Iranian intelligence services have long been suspected of actively carrying out operations to target Iranian dissidents in Europe. According to European intelligence agencies, in the past 5 years, Iranian intelligence operatives have successfully carried out… Keep Reading

Image The Arabs - a "Manufactured" People? [Lima Charlie News]

The Arabs – a “Manufactured” People?

OPINION: Establishing a grand Arab peacekeeping force is a seductive idea. An “Arab NATO” consisting of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Egypt and Jordan has been proposed. As the thinking goes, Arabs understand one another, speak the same tongue, and all abhor the… Keep Reading

Image Afghanistan – A Bold Solution [Lima Charlie News]

Afghanistan – A Bold Solution

Opinion: After nearly two decades at war, the U.S. effort to build the Afghan state has been for the most part, a failure. In order to turn its sails towards victory, America needs to reassert its influence on Afghanistan’s economy, governance and security. One year… Keep Reading

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