Image Imagine a Global Space Community ... The Space Foundation Can [Lima Charlie News][Graphic by Anthony A. LoPresti]

Imagine a Global Space Community … The Space Foundation Can

Lima Charlie World is attending the Space Foundation’s Space Symposium in Colorado to discover how the world’s space agencies, military communities and tech companies are working together to tackle the Final Frontier. We started Lima Charlie News with a mission to foster dialogue among military… Keep Reading

Image Remembering Becket - A mother's search for answers [Lima Charlie News](Photo: Becket Kiernan)

Remembering Becket – A mother’s search for answers

The following article originally appeared in Newsweek on February 27, 2019, and is being republished by Lima Charlie World with permission. The original can be read here (titled “Marine’s Death From Flesh-Eating Bacteria Revealed Military Failures, Thanks To Mother Refusing To Let Son Die In… Keep Reading

Image Is Russia Failing in Ukraine? A Diminishing Threat [Lima Charlie News]

Is Russia Failing in Ukraine? A Diminishing Threat

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, with the threat of a potentially greater conflict emerging, critical factors have emerged that severely mitigate Russia’s ambitions. Along with shifting military capacities, and a shifting reliance on Russian gas, Ukraine has a blossoming relationship with its… Keep Reading

Image The fate of Afghanistan’s NATO Generation [Lima Charlie World][Photo: Shamsia Hassani]

The fate of Afghanistan’s NATO Generation

OPINION | Almost 18 years ago the U.S. led NATO into Afghanistan. Today the majority of its 35 million people – the NATO Generation – were born or came of age with a significant international military, diplomatic and development presence in their country. This young,… Keep Reading

Image Vietnam to Iraq - America's Lessons Never Learned [Lima Charlie News] [Photo: Anja Niedringhaus / AP]

Vietnam to Iraq – America’s Lessons Never Learned

Vietnam Veteran and Middle East scholar, U.S. Colonel Norvell DeAtkine reflects on the U.S. government’s recent report, The U.S. Army in the Iraq War, the longest and most detailed study of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Iraq conflict thus far. “We have а professional and… Keep Reading

Image Russia's energy divides Europe [Lima Charlie News]

Russia’s energy divides Europe

OPINION: Fueled by Russian gas imports and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, an energy Cold War threatens to divide Europe. The European Union’s Energy Union initiative is a beautiful idea. An idea which is being crushed by harsh realpolitik. The controversy surrounding Nord Stream 2 reflects… Keep Reading

Image The Trouble With Turkey’s Economy [Lima Charlie News]

The Trouble With Turkey’s Economy

How did Turkey go from rapid growth to economic crisis so quickly? The Turkish economy has become a truly perplexing case. Investing in emerging markets is always a risky game to play. Trying to sift through volumes of information and then place it in the… Keep Reading

Image The Fears of Iran and its Forgotten Kurds [Lima Charlie News]

The Fears of Iran and its Forgotten Kurds

In the West much is heard about the struggles of the Kurdish peoples of Iraq and Turkey. Yet, little is heard about the Kurds of Iran. To most Iranians, Kurds are simply a non-people. Any mention of Kurdish symbols, such as the sun logo of… Keep Reading

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