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Image Vietnam to Iraq - America's Lessons Never Learned [Lima Charlie News] [Photo: Anja Niedringhaus / AP]

Vietnam to Iraq – America’s Lessons Never Learned

Vietnam Veteran and Middle East scholar, U.S. Colonel Norvell DeAtkine reflects on the U.S. government’s recent report, The U.S. Army in the Iraq War, the longest and most detailed study of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Iraq conflict thus far. “We have а professional and… Keep Reading

Image The Fears of Iran and its Forgotten Kurds [Lima Charlie News]

The Fears of Iran and its Forgotten Kurds

In the West much is heard about the struggles of the Kurdish peoples of Iraq and Turkey. Yet, little is heard about the Kurds of Iran. To most Iranians, Kurds are simply a non-people. Any mention of Kurdish symbols, such as the sun logo of… Keep Reading

Image Arabs and Kurds - Why can’t they just get along? [Lima Charlie News]

Arabs and Kurds – Why can’t they just get along?

U.S. Army Colonel Norvell DeAtkine examines the age old clash between Arabs and Kurds. The young Kurdish interpreter for American troops pointed to a tattered Iraqi flag flying over a small government building. He told me with bitterness in his voice that just seeing that… Keep Reading

Image The Arabs - a "Manufactured" People? [Lima Charlie News]

The Arabs – a “Manufactured” People?

OPINION: Establishing a grand Arab peacekeeping force is a seductive idea. An “Arab NATO” consisting of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Egypt and Jordan has been proposed. As the thinking goes, Arabs understand one another, speak the same tongue, and all abhor the… Keep Reading

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