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Military Industrial Simple

A two decade taxpayer-subsidised merger & acquisition spree has turned the Military Industrial Complex into something that would be totally unrecognizable to … Keep Reading

Image Singapore Summit leaves North Korea cyber threat off the table [Lima Charlie News]

Singapore Summit leaves North Korea cyber threat off the table

While diplomacy is moving forward with Kim Jong-Un, it doesn’t appear that North Korea’s extensive cyber-warfare capabilities are on the negotiating table. General Kim Yong-Chol, former spy chief of the North Korean intelligence agency, the General Reconnaissance Bureau, played a pivotal role in breaking the diplomatic impasse… Keep Reading

Image Erdogan struggles amid Turkey's currency and debt crisis [Lima Charlie News]

Erdogan struggles amid Turkey’s currency and debt crisis

Turkey’s central bank is ending a prolonged period of high inflation rates and citizens have tried to offload Turkey’s lira for foreign currencies. With presidential elections this month, Turkey will have an opportunity to render a verdict on President Erdogan’s stewardship. The financial crisis in… Keep Reading

Image Ignoring Puerto Rico is not the American way [Lima Charlie News][Photo: Mario Tama]

Ignoring Puerto Rico is not the American way

Puerto Rico was already in crisis before Hurricane Maria hit the island, and increasing casualties have added urgency to the need for reform. Both Republicans and Democrats have plans to help the island, yet neither party is taking direct aim at the high cost of… Keep Reading

Image America's obsession with plastic [Lima Charlie News]

America’s obsession with plastic

While plastic continues to pose a real threat to our environment and health, America’s leadership, America’s lobbyists and America’s plastic culture all fight to keep us drowning in plastic. Now it has fallen to local governments and environmental advocacy organizations to take the lead. A few… Keep Reading

Air France paralyzed by strikes [Lima Charlie News] [Photo by Le Parisien]

Air France paralyzed by strikes

Another key sector in France has erupted into strikes, as Air France-KLM saw its stocks plummet. University students and French railway workers have been protesting throughout the spring, as new French President Emanuel Macron’s reform agenda is being met with resistance. Air France-KLM Group stocks saw… Keep Reading

Image Giving the Afghan Air Force Blackhawks is a terrible idea [Lima Charlie News]

Giving the Afghan Air Force Blackhawks is a terrible idea

After then President Hamid Karzai declared Afghanistan’s Air Force ‘reborn’ in 2008, NATO poured money and equipment into the country. However, the initiatives have consistently fallen flat, and the US should think twice about a Blackhawk helicopter program it may never finish. In a big move… Keep Reading

Image Geronimo: A Service Dog's Tale [Lima Charlie News][Image: Don Martinez]

Geronimo: A Service Dog’s Tale

Lima Charlie News Correspondent Don Martinez, a combat veteran, is about to embark on an adventure with his best friend and service dog, Geronimo. My first service dog was named Charlie. She was a Yellow Lab that I rescued from the local shelter. She was… Keep Reading

As U.S. doubles down on debt, EU austerity is paying dividends

As U.S. doubles down on debt, EU austerity pays dividends

Op-Ed: While other economies are on a strict debt-diet, the U.S. is gluttonous and hungry for more. Trumponomics has undoubtedly made the national stock markets happy, but a new financial crisis beckons, at least if the recent International Money Fund (IMF) forecast is to be… Keep Reading

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