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Dr. Gary K. Busch | Contributor | LIMA CHARLIE WORLD Dr. Busch has had a varied career-as an international trades unionist, an academic, a businessman and a political intelligence consultant. He was a professor and Head of Department at the University of Hawaii and has been a visiting professor at several universities. He was the head of research in international affairs for a major U.S. trade union and Assistant General Secretary of an international union federation. His articles have appeared in the Economist Intelligence Unit, Wall Street Journal, WPROST, Pravda and several other news journals. He is the editor and publisher of the web-based news journal of international relations
Image Is Russia Failing in Ukraine? A Diminishing Threat [Lima Charlie News]

Is Russia Failing in Ukraine? A Diminishing Threat

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, with the threat of a potentially greater conflict emerging, critical factors have emerged that severely mitigate Russia’s ambitions. Along with shifting military capacities, and a shifting reliance on Russian gas, Ukraine has a blossoming relationship with its… Keep Reading

Image Organised Crime in Asia - A Convenient Relationship [Lima Charlie News]

Organised Crime in Asia – An [In]convenient Relationship

There is an escalating crisis in Southeast Asia. A crisis developing from the symbiosis of organised crime, terrorism and the covert domestic and foreign policy ambitions of several Asian nations. Dr. Gary K. Busch examines organised crime and international politics in Asia — Part 1:… Keep Reading

Image Zimbabwe’s Election - Is there a path ahead? [Lima Charlie News]

Zimbabwe’s Election – Is there a path ahead?

OPINION: Since its inception Zimbabwe has been a divided country. Yet after the recent elections there may be hope, provided a ‘healthy’ opposition can rise to the occasion. President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa (“ED”) recently penned an op-ed in The Guardian titled, “As president, here’s what I want… Keep Reading

Image The French in Syria - a long and tortured history [Lima Charlie News]

The French in Syria – a long and tortured history

France has taken the position that it is a humanitarian force, eager to bomb Syria for using chemical weapons and to promote regime change. Yet something’s not quite right with this picture. General Patton once famously declared, “I would rather have a German division in… Keep Reading

Myanmar’s crisis is much more than the Rohingya

The General Assembly of the United Nations is meeting in New York to try and resolve the problem of the expulsion of almost 400,000 Rohingya from the Rakhine region of the country by the Myanmar Armed forces (‘Tatmadaw’). The world’s media has been full of… Keep Reading

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