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Dr. Gary K. Busch | Contributor | LIMA CHARLIE WORLD Dr. Busch has had a varied career-as an international trades unionist, an academic, a businessman and a political intelligence consultant. He was a professor and Head of Department at the University of Hawaii and has been a visiting professor at several universities. He was the head of research in international affairs for a major U.S. trade union and Assistant General Secretary of an international union federation. His articles have appeared in the Economist Intelligence Unit, Wall Street Journal, WPROST, Pravda and several other news journals. He is the editor and publisher of the web-based news journal of international relations
Image The solution to North Korea won't come from a tweet
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The solution to North Korea won’t come from a tweet

North Korea (‘DPRK’) announced it has tested a new ‘hydrogen bomb’ as its sixth test to date in the development of a nuclear program. The DPRK also announced that this new bomb was small enough to be deployed on an intercontinental missile. Nations of the… Keep Reading

Image Political reform and the entrenched power of China's military [Lima Charlie News]
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Political reform and the entrenched power of China’s military

China’s President Xi has succeeded in breaking the power of China’s historic military companies and asserting control over its military. As a result, China now has a better equipped, trained and coherent military force on land, sea, air, space and in cyberspace. There has been no… Keep Reading

Putin Russia Throes of Change
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Putin’s struggle amid a Russia in the throes of change

[Suggested further reading: Dr. Gary K. Busch’s latest, ‘Sanctions and the Rise of Putin’s Russia (starring oligarchs, siloviki, Rossiyskaya mafiya and Oleg Deripaska)’ here. – Editors] The last few days of June were hectic across the broad expanse of Russia as demonstrations and protest marches… Keep Reading

The commercial aspects of the rustication of Qatar [Lima Charlie News]
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The commercial aspects of the rustication of Qatar

Encouraged by the visit of Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia, five Arab countries suddenly cut diplomatic relations with Qatar, a U.S. ally that provides a vital base of operations for its military campaign against the Islamic State, accusing the small Gulf state of backing militant… Keep Reading

MAIN Greece Germany
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Germany and the EU’s continuing war against Greece

The Greek economic crisis is continuing to have dramatically negative effects on Greece’s economy and its long-term prospects, as well as the delicate domestic political balance achieved under the Syriza Government. By the fourth of May 2017 extended and acrimonious talks between the Greek Government and the… Keep Reading

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A Realistic Western Response to North Korea

To understand the reasoning and logic behind North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons requires a hard look at the political origins and structure of the DPRK and the state of its economy. The international media is full of the new confrontation between the U.S. and… Keep Reading

Image Russia's New Arctic Military Bases [Lima Charlie News][Image: ITAR-TASS Photo Agency]
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Russia’s New Arctic Military Bases

In April 2017, the Russian Government announced that it had completed its new military bases in the Arctic and had completed most of the work on restoring several military bases in the region which had been abandoned. Russia is demonstrating its military potential in the… Keep Reading

Image Military Technology and the Multi-Domain Battle Plan [Lima Charlie News]
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Military Technology and the Multi-Domain Battle Plan

The more assertive stance of the U.S. military, which has emerged from the accession of Donald Trump to the Presidency, has manifest itself in a somewhat dubious raid on Yemen by the Special Forces, the shelling of the Shayrat air base in Syria with 59… Keep Reading

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