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Lima Charlie News reports on issues concerning veterans, including policy & legislation, healthcare, career, outreach & education.

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Lima Charlie Sports #3marines Episode 6 is live!

 #3Marines is back! Episode 6. | Lima Charlie News Sports Correspondents & veterans Mario Figueroa (USMC), James Cordea (USMC) and Stephanie Kline (USMC) – 3 Marines – break down the world of sports on their weekly podcast “3Marines”. Episode 06: This week the 3 Marines try to… Keep Reading

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President Obama Commutes Sentence for Chelsea Manning

On Tuesday, President Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the former U.S. Army intelligence analyst responsible for one of the largest leaks of military and diplomatic secrets. Chelsea provided the documents to WikiLeaks 2010. Chelsea Manning, APThe 29-year-old Chelsea Manning, who was born Bradley… Keep Reading

Image Lima Charlie Sports 3marines

Lima Charlie Sports #3marines gets cozy with Stephanie Kline

We sat down with the newest addition to the Lima Charlie Sports family, USMC veteran Stephanie Kline, to talk about #3marines, life, sports and just why she hates soccer. New York, NY— Lima Charlie News recently launched the #2marines podcast, a sports show featuring U.S. Marine Corps veterans Mario… Keep Reading

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Lima Charlie Sports: #2Marines welcome a new Marine

#2Marines is back, plus 1! This week Mario and James welcome partner in crime USMC veteran Stephanie Kline to the show. Tune in! |Follow Lima Charlie Sports on Twitter @sportsLC, and subscribe to the #3marines podcast on iTunes. Episode 3 is also available for download from Soundcloud.… Keep Reading

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