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Lima Charlie Sports #3marines Episode 6 is live!

 #3Marines is back! Episode 6.

| Lima Charlie News Sports Correspondents & veterans Mario Figueroa (USMC), James Cordea (USMC) and Stephanie Kline (USMC) – 3 Marines – break down the world of sports on their weekly podcast “3Marines”. Episode 06: This week the 3 Marines try to do the podcast sober for a second week in a row. User experience may vary, but if you stick around past the botched intro you will hear our NFL Divisional Round Recap, Championship Sunday Predictions (with more of James’ fun state facts), an update on the amazing women of the UConn basketball team, as well as more of Mario’s off topic rants. Premier league standings, porn stars and questionable training round out the show, plus stick around to the end where the team shouts out a fellow Marine who is doing wonderful things for the Afghanistan Women’s National Football team.

Follow Lima Charlie Sports on Twitter @sportsLC, and subscribe to the #3marines podcast on iTunes. Episode 6 is also available for download from Soundcloud.

Join Mario Figueroa, James Cordea and Stephanie Kline each week for the latest in sports.

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