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Lima Charlie News reports on issues critical to national security, including intelligence, cyber, diplomacy, terrorism, economic and global climate change.

Image Danish Special Forces

Denmark deploys Army Special Forces to Syria

Denmark has ordered its Armed Forces to begin deployment of its elite Special Forces Jægerkorpset and Frømandskorpset units to Syria to join in the battle against ISIS. The Danish Government has ordered its Armed Forces to begin to deploy members from its Special Forces community… Keep Reading

Image Soldier guards Christian church Iraq

ISIS attacks on Christian targets mark holidays in 2016

Terror attacks in Berlin, Cairo and Jordan against Christian targets during the holidays mark ongoing extremist surge to push radical Islamic message and gain support for the Islamic State. Just after 14.00 hours, on December 18th, gunshots were heard outside of a popular tourist destination… Keep Reading

IMage Should the U.S. Shift From Saudi Arabia to Iran? [Lima Charlie News]

Should the U.S. Shift From Saudi Arabia to Iran?

A candid examination of the prospect of moving on from Saudi influence towards a partnership with Iran. Those who oppose a shift away from Saudi Arabia as a primary ally in the Middle East tend to fall into one of two distinct camps: those self-interested in… Keep Reading

image ASEAN Lima Charlie News Update

Lima Charlie’s South East Asia Update

NOV 2 – South East Asia News Briefing: Kerry Pushes for TPP; China’s New Core Leader; Philippines Duterte Meltdowns; Burma’s Ethnic Tensions Test Peace. Asia #JohnKerry #DownWithTPP Last week U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urged Congress to ratify the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, better known… Keep Reading

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