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Image North Korea escalation

China, North Korea tensions rise after a week of escalation

Escalation began last week after North Korea tested four medium range missiles, in response to annual U.S. and South Korea joint military exercises. Over the following seven days, the U.S. accelerated the deployment of military hardware to the Korean peninsula, prompting Chinese officials to accuse the U.S. and South Korea… Keep Reading

Mosul: The Longest, Hardest Slog

The fight for Mosul did not have to be this difficult. In the film Gettysburg, there is a scene where Confederate Maj. Gen. Isaac Trimble insists to Robert E. Lee that the rebels had made a terrible error in failing to take Culp’s Hill early… Keep Reading

Image VP Mike Pence

VP Mike Pence presents Trump Admin policy to NATO

Vice President Mike Pence’s tour of Europe, the Trump administration’s debut on the continent, began with Pence attending the Munich Security Conference over the weekend. After touring the historic Dachau concentration camp on Sunday, Pence visited NATO and EU Commission Headquarters in Brussels today. In… Keep Reading

Image German military NATO

Germany escalates global military role and NATO spending

On Friday, German Defense Minister Ursula Von der Leyen opened the Munich Security Conference reaffirming an increase in German military spending. “We are aware that we must shoulder a greater share of the transatlantic security burden. We want to grow, we want to do it as Europeans,” said… Keep Reading

Image Danish Special Forces

Denmark deploys Army Special Forces to Syria

Denmark has ordered its Armed Forces to begin deployment of its elite Special Forces Jægerkorpset and Frømandskorpset units to Syria to join in the battle against ISIS. The Danish Government has ordered its Armed Forces to begin to deploy members from its Special Forces community… Keep Reading

Image Soldier guards Christian church Iraq

ISIS attacks on Christian targets mark holidays in 2016

Terror attacks in Berlin, Cairo and Jordan against Christian targets during the holidays mark ongoing extremist surge to push radical Islamic message and gain support for the Islamic State. Just after 14.00 hours, on December 18th, gunshots were heard outside of a popular tourist destination… Keep Reading

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