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Image main South East Asia Update

Lima Charlie’s South East Asia Update

SEPT 22 – South East Asia News Briefing: Russia-China-U.S. Flex Muscles in the Pacific; Duterte’s Philippine Drug War; Kim Jong Un’s Korean Nuclear Dreams; Thailand’s Freedom of Speech. South China Sea / Philippine Sea  This week two major naval exercises came to a close, one… Keep Reading

Image main of chemical weapons suit for mustard gas attack

ISIS Suspected of Chemical Attack on US Troops

U.S. Air Base in Iraq hit with mustard gas after major air strike destroys chemical weapons facility near Mosul. |Islamic State (IS) militants may have fired a chemical rocket at U.S. troops in Iraq at the Qayyarah Air Base, which is south of Mosul. No… Keep Reading

North Korea’s 5th Nuclear Puts China to the Test

North Korea’s 5th nuclear test this week and escalating nuclear program continues to be a problem for the civilized world. Except China. Punggye-ri, North Korea – On Friday, North Korea tested its 5th nuclear device, just on the heels of Monday’s launch of three ballistic… Keep Reading

Lima Charlie’s U.S./D.C. Week in Review – Aug 21

Lima Charlie US News End-of-Week Briefing – AUG21  | The Week’s Wrap Up in One. Big. Blast. #Election2016   #Trump #ManafortStepsDown  On AUGUST 19, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort, announced his resignation from the Trump campaign. In a press release following the news, #Trump… Keep Reading

Lima Charlie’s U.S./D.C. Week in Review – Aug 12

Lima Charlie News U.S./Washington End-of-Week Briefing – AUG12 | The Week’s Wrap Up in One. Big. Blast. #Election2016 #Trump #MotorCity On AUGUST8, #DonaldTrump used his economic policy speech in #Detroit to launch a fervent attack against Democratic opponent #HillaryClinton. “We can either give in to… Keep Reading

Legendary Navy Captain Gail Harris Joins Lima Charlie News

Lima Charlie News proudly welcomes Captain Gail Harris, the newest Veteran Correspondent to its Editorial Team Captain Gail Harris’ trailblazing firsts in the US Navy are paralleled only by her enduring presence as a role model and inspiration to service members, veterans and civilians alike.… Keep Reading

China v. Philippines: Hague Rules Against China

Hague Rules Against China on South China Sea Dispute As previously reported by Lima Charlie, on July 12, the United Nation’s Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague (PCA) was set to hand down a long-awaited landmark ruling in the dispute between the Philippines and China over… Keep Reading

ISIS Deploys Nerve Gas Against Retreating Syrian Forces

VIDEO: ISIS Use of VX Nerve Gas – Lima Charlie News

|VIDEO: ISIS Use of VX Nerve Gas – Lima Charlie News As Russia and Syria continue the #BattleForRaqqa in a race to ISIS’ self-declared capital, confirmed reports surfaced that ISIS deployed nerve gas against retreating Syrian Democratic Force soldiers. SDF troops were apparently conducting a… Keep Reading

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