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Lima Charlie’s ASEAN Week in Review – June 25

|25th of June – Lima Charlie’s South East Asia End-of-Week News Briefing: Indonesia The #NineDashLine. On Thursday June 23rd, #Indonesian President #JokoWidodo visited the disputed waters around #NatunaIslands in an effort to send a strong… Keep Reading

The Mayhem Inside: Part II: Orlando

|By Don Johnston, with Anthony A. LoPresti and Nikita Roach for Lima Charlie News This article is Part II in a series following “The Mayhem Inside,” about the shootings in Houston, Texas, May 2016. In… Keep Reading

Small Arms Imports to Middle East Double

|By John Sjoholm and Associated Press Wire – Lima Charlie News June 12th/1303 ZULU+1 Small arms and light weapons imports in the Middle East rose from $342 million in 2012, to $630 million in 2013,… Keep Reading

Immortal Regiment In the Big Apple

Who needs these wars? Nobody. New York, New York – Lima Charlie News The ‪Immortal Regiment‬ is an international public rally held annually in May to commemorate veterans of ‪World War II. ‬The marches began… Keep Reading

Lima Charlie’s U.S./D.C. Week-End Brief – 10th June

|10th of June – Lima Charlie’s U.S./Washington End-of-Week News Briefing: #POTUS announced he will be endorsing presumptive Democratic Nominee #HillaryClinton. Within 90 minutes of meeting with the Presidential Candidate, President Obama posted a video to Mrs.… Keep Reading

D-Day in France Is Not Forgotten

|by Liz Perez Halperin Lima Charlie News On June 6, 1944, the Normandy landings (codename: Operation Neptune) began the liberation of German-occupied Europe from the Nazi regime. In the largest seaborne invasion in history, about 156,000… Keep Reading

A Waste of Life – A Waste of Talent

Monday June 6th marks the 72nd anniversary of the allied invasion of Normandy during World War II, known as D-Day. Ten WWII veterans returned to the battlefields they fought on, enabling closure of their war… Keep Reading

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