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Image Bullet Catchers
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Women Soldiers in the Spotlight

Bullet Catchers, a play currently in its first run in New York City, examines what life will be like in the not-to-distant future, once women are integrated into combat positions in the U.S. military. The play takes its name from a term for those serving… Keep Reading

Image Women in combat inspire performance in 'Bullet Catchers'
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Women in combat inspire performance in ‘Bullet Catchers’

Still a controversial issue within the military community, opponents to women serving in combat roles raise questions about its impact to mission and culture. Proponents argue for equality of opportunity, reminding us that even before women were allowed in combat roles, they were already serving… Keep Reading

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Review: Sunset Boulevard Returns To Broadway

The Palace Theater on Broadway in New York is currently hosting a limited run of Sunset Boulevard, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical based on one of my favorite films of all time (and if you have not seen the Billy Wilder masterpiece, do yourself a… Keep Reading

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