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Myanmar’s crisis is much more than the Rohingya

The General Assembly of the United Nations is meeting in New York to try and resolve the problem of the expulsion of almost 400,000 Rohingya from the Rakhine region of the country by the Myanmar Armed forces (‘Tatmadaw’). The world’s media has been full of… Keep Reading

Image Transgender military policy still in question after Trump tweets
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Transgender military policy still in question after Trump tweets

On July 26th, an already confusing political situation got even cloudier as President Trump, the US Military’s Commander-In-Chief, seemed to reverse President Obama’s policy on transgender service members within the military’s ranks via a series of tweets. The tweets appeared to contradict Trump’s campaign promise… Keep Reading

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Saudi King decrees some rights for women

RIYAHD, SAUDI ARABIA (LC) Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has ordered that women can now benefit from government education and healthcare services, and make legal decisions without permission from a male guardian. Saudi Arabia is a gender-segregated nation where a woman’s travel, education, health, financial and… Keep Reading

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Nativation: The Native American Awakening

As the observance of Earth Day wraps up this weekend, my troubling thoughts as a Native American are that it took place against an all too common backdrop. One where power and a mandate have been granted to climate change deniers enabling ongoing, outright attacks… Keep Reading

image Trump immigration
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Dept of Homeland Security announces sweeping immigration enforcement plan

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced a sweeping immigration enforcement plan to implement President Trump’s promise to crack down on the reported 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the United States. In a press conference scheduled for today on the White House lawn,… Keep Reading

Image Dylann Roof sentenced to death
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Dylann Roof, white supremacist, sentenced to death

“I forgave him, and I’m not going to take that back ever,” said Reverend Anthony B. Thompson, widower of a one of Dylann Roof’s 9 victims, Myra Thompson. Dylann Roof, aged 22 and self-proclaimed white supremacist, shot and killed 9 black church-goers at Mother Emanuel… Keep Reading

Image Afghan refugees
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After America’s Longest War, Refugees Face Forced Return to Afghanistan

After America’s longest war, thousands of refugees that fled the conflict face forced repatriation to Afghanistan, a country still at war. As Afghanistan fades from international attention and the Taliban control more territory than any time since the American led invasion of 2001, over one… Keep Reading

Image Ethiopia human rights abuses spark US resolution
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Ethiopia Human Rights Abuses Spark U.S. Congressional Action

U.S. Representatives push for legislation targeting Ethiopia after Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch document human rights abuses. A bipartisan group of U.S. Representatives has proposed legislation targeted at the government of Ethiopia, after Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch documented hundreds of cases of… Keep Reading

Image 65 Million Refugees: Why We Need to Act On #WorldRefugeeDay [Lima Charlie News]
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65 Million Refugees: Why We Need to Act On #WorldRefugeeDay

Last year the number of refugees, internally displaced people, and those seeking asylum around the world exceeded 65 million. This figure surpasses even post-World War II displacement, a time when the world was forced to grapple with some of the most destructive historical events to… Keep Reading

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