LunaCap Veteran Entrepreneurs Pitch Night 2017

The transfer from military to civilian life looms large for veterans. The skills, culture, and experiences that are necessary to the military are not easy to translate into civilian life, and it is not a coincidence that unemployment among post 9-11 veterans is a full percentage point above the general population.

However, mere employment is still a far cry from grabbing the brass ring of American society:


The aspiration of LunaCap Ventures’ 2017 Veteran Entrepreneur Pitch Night was to carry the sentiment “support our troops” beyond subsistence, and into the ascendance of veterans into the leadership of civilian industry. For more on LunaCap Ventures’ pitch night, visit here.

Written and Edited byDiego Lynch
Shot by: Diego Lynch

Production Coordinators:  Tony Sklar / Anthony A. LoPresti

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