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Image Paul Capon
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Do you know Paul Capon?

How did I get here? Paul Capon Managing Partner, LunaCap Ventures Paul Capon will lead the discussion at the 2017 Veteran Entrepreneur Pitch Night About LunaCap Ventures Creating Opportunities: LunaCap Ventures provides venture debt financing to early stage companies with Military, Women and Minority (MWM)… Keep Reading

Image main Defining and Designing Protective Structures to Thwart Terrorism
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Defining and Designing Protective Structures to Thwart Terrorism

Lima Charlie News hears about some of the latest in Protective Design from international engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti. The firm’s recent projects include providing protective design services for One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower), WTC Towers 2-4, structural and protective design services for the new… Keep Reading

Image Military Technology and the Multi-Domain Battle Plan [Lima Charlie News]
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Military Technology and the Multi-Domain Battle Plan

The more assertive stance of the U.S. military, which has emerged from the accession of Donald Trump to the Presidency, has manifest itself in a somewhat dubious raid on Yemen by the Special Forces, the shelling of the Shayrat air base in Syria with 59… Keep Reading

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Comcast launches new wireless service, Xfinity Mobile

In an email that went out to current Xfinity customers, the cable company who now has more broadband internet subscribers than cable subscribers, is now teasing XFINITY Mobile. The wireless service will be piggy backing on Verizon’s “most reliable 4G LTE network” in combination with… Keep Reading

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The Battle of Virtual Assistants

If you’ve been wishing your life was more like an episode of “The Jetsons,” today there are many ways to make that happen. Not the floating cities or flying cars stuff, but the other stuff. Over the past few years, there have been several voice-enabled… Keep Reading

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