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‘What is Aleppo?’

OpEd examines our knowledge, or lack thereof, of a city and a people under siege. ‘What is Aleppo?’ The barrel bomb floated through the air, landing in the neighborhood where a small boy lived. It killed him, and left his soot-covered brothers, clinging to each other,… Keep Reading

Image Trump Confession Trump Tape
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Leaked Trump Tape Throws Election Into Disarray

Trump tape sparks controversy and GOP backlash as live mic catches Trump’s lewd conversation. Donald Trump described in lewd detail his beliefs and actions toward women, in a 2005 video leaked to the Washington Post on Friday. In the video, recorded on a live microphone prior… Keep Reading

Image Pence Kaine Debate Op Ed
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I Watched the Pence-Kaine Debate So You Wouldn’t Have To

OpEd: Lima Charlie News Political Correspondent Dan Webb offers his views on the Pence-Kaine VP Debate (Ed. – stress ‘his’) and whether he should have had a root canal. This week the first and only vice presidential debate of 2016 came, then went, showing more than 36… Keep Reading

Image Trump rally
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OpEd: I Attended a Trump Rally So You Don’t Have To

Lima Charlie News Political Correspondent & USAF veteran Dan Webb reports from a recent Trump rally in Iowa. Suffice to say, Dan’s views are not necessarily those of Lima Charlie News, its affiliates, or its management. But we really enjoyed the article. – Editors |… Keep Reading

Image Leave No One Behind: Our Noble Interpreters [Lima Charlie News]
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Leave No One Behind: Our Noble Interpreters

A combat officer’s tribute to those that helped him survive in a foreign and hostile land: the noble interpreter. As a young combat arms officer deployed in Iraq, I didn’t know much about the language or culture of the Iraqi people, let alone the Muslim… Keep Reading

Image For the Sons of Mars: Meditations on the American Soldier [Lima Charlie News]
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For the Sons of Mars: Meditations on the American Soldier

Let it be known that all men are much like one another, but the best of men are trained in the severest of schools – Thucydides A U.S. Army combat veteran examines the noble profession of arms and the danger if the divide between Soldier and civilian… Keep Reading

Image Swords to Plowshares: Urban Farming for the New Warrior [Lima Charlie News]
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Swords to Plowshares: Urban Farming for the New Warrior

A U.S. Army combat veteran reports on the therapeutic nature of returning to the land, and a business built on urban farming. After 20 years of travails and a 10-year-long war, literature’s most celebrated veteran, Odysseus, finally returns to his homeland to find he does… Keep Reading

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Legendary Navy Captain Gail Harris Joins Lima Charlie News

Lima Charlie News proudly welcomes Captain Gail Harris, the newest Veteran Correspondent to its Editorial Team Captain Gail Harris’ trailblazing firsts in the US Navy are paralleled only by her enduring presence as a role model and inspiration to service members, veterans and civilians alike.… Keep Reading

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