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Image Turkey inflation rate hits 14 year record high (Kayhan Özer - Anadolu Ajansı)

Turkey inflation rate hits 14 year record high

Lima Charlie Business | Turkey / Eurasia Ankara – Turkey’s statistical office (Turkstat), reports that inflation in the country soared to its highest level since February 2004, landing at a rate of 12.98% in November. A strong domestic demand for goods, plus a weakened supply,… Keep Reading

Image Macron lays out policies on Françafrique

Macron lays out policies on Françafrique

Last week, French president Emmanuel Macron participated in an informal ritual of French presidents: The Big Africa Speech.   At the beginning of a French president’s reign, a pilgrimage is typically made to Africa to lay out the president’s policy on Françafrique—the formal and informal… Keep Reading

Image Spain positions to contain Catalonia's independence

Spain positions to contain Catalonia’s independence

On Wednesday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy demanded the Catalan regional government clarify whether it considers itself independent. After a referendum took place on October 1, 2017—when 90% of Catalans voted to break from the rest of the country—many have anticipated a battle over the… Keep Reading

Image Catalonia vote to split from Spain approaches amid government crackdown

Catalonia vote to split from Spain approaches amid government crackdown

Barcelona, Spain – The European Union will not intervene over Catalan independence, citing respect for the Spanish Constitution. The Spanish government maintains that the referendum for the state’s independence is illegal, and cracked down on Wednesday, arresting 14 senior officials, seizing ballots and raiding homes belonging… Keep Reading

Image Turkey to refuse teaching evolution in schools

Turkey to refuse teaching evolution in schools

Turkey’s new school curriculum, which goes into effect this autumn, will no longer include evolution as part of its teachings. Instead the teaching focus will be on the Abrahamic origin story. During an announcement on the 17th of August, Turkey’s Education Minister, Ismet Yilmaz, told… Keep Reading

main image Montenegro military NATO

Montenegro joins NATO amid increased tensions with Russia

Montenegro has joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as its 29th member as of June 5, 2017. United States Undersecretary for Political Affairs Thomas A. Shannon hosted a Washington D.C. ceremony celebrating, and announcing, the agreement. In attendance was NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister… Keep Reading

MAIN Greece Germany

Germany and the EU’s continuing war against Greece

The Greek economic crisis is continuing to have dramatically negative effects on Greece’s economy and its long-term prospects, as well as the delicate domestic political balance achieved under the Syriza Government. By the fourth of May 2017 extended and acrimonious talks between the Greek Government and the… Keep Reading

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