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Image VP Mike Pence
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VP Mike Pence presents Trump Admin policy to NATO

Vice President Mike Pence’s tour of Europe, the Trump administration’s debut on the continent, began with Pence attending the Munich Security Conference over the weekend. After touring the historic Dachau concentration camp on Sunday, Pence visited NATO and EU Commission Headquarters in Brussels today. In… Keep Reading

Image German military NATO
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Germany escalates global military role and NATO spending

On Friday, German Defense Minister Ursula Von der Leyen opened the Munich Security Conference reaffirming an increase in German military spending. “We are aware that we must shoulder a greater share of the transatlantic security burden. We want to grow, we want to do it as Europeans,” said… Keep Reading

Image Afghan refugees
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After America’s Longest War, Refugees Face Forced Return to Afghanistan

After America’s longest war, thousands of refugees that fled the conflict face forced repatriation to Afghanistan, a country still at war. As Afghanistan fades from international attention and the Taliban control more territory than any time since the American led invasion of 2001, over one… Keep Reading

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