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Image Turkey to refuse teaching evolution in schools

Turkey to refuse teaching evolution in schools

Turkey’s new school curriculum, which goes into effect this autumn, will no longer include evolution as part of its teachings. Instead the teaching focus will be on the Abrahamic origin story. During an announcement on… Keep Reading

MAIN Greece Germany

Germany and the EU’s continuing war against Greece

The Greek economic crisis is continuing to have dramatically negative effects on Greece’s economy and its long-term prospects, as well as the delicate domestic political balance achieved under the Syriza Government. By the fourth of May 2017… Keep Reading

Image VP Mike Pence

VP Mike Pence presents Trump Admin policy to NATO

Vice President Mike Pence’s tour of Europe, the Trump administration’s debut on the continent, began with Pence attending the Munich Security Conference over the weekend. After touring the historic Dachau concentration camp on Sunday, Pence… Keep Reading

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