VIDEO: ISIS Use of VX Nerve Gas – Lima Charlie News

|VIDEO: ISIS Use of VX Nerve Gas – Lima Charlie News

As Russia and Syria continue the #BattleForRaqqa in a race to ISIS’ self-declared capital, confirmed reports surfaced that ISIS deployed nerve gas against retreating Syrian Democratic Force soldiers. SDF troops were apparently conducting a strategic retreat when the gas was used. The nerve gas is reportedly of the ‪‎VX persuasion, and is believed to have been part of the Syrian government’s stockpile, likely housed at some point at one of the military facilities around al Raqqa. VX gas is classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations. It is tasteless and odorless, extremely toxic, and very small amounts can be deadly to a large number of people …  cont.’

ISIS Deploys Nerve Gas Against Retreating Syrian Forces

Story: John Sjoholm, with Anthony A. LoPresti and Nikita Roach
Supervising Producer: Anthony A. LoPresti
Editor / Producer: Elena Mavrina

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