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Image Rock the Kasbah: a Saudi coup that never was

Rock the Casbah: a Saudi coup that never was

Part 1 of the “American Foreign Policy Review” series: A look at our regional allies and foes. November 5, 2017: Across Riyadh, unmarked black-and-white, up-armored Cadillac Escalade and Chevrolet Suburban SUVs — carrying armed men… Keep Reading

Image DACA Dreamers - my family story

DACA Dreamers – my family story

My dad, Jose Louis Perez, was the youngest of 10 children. He was born in Mexico. In the early 60’s, his parents decided that life in Mexico didn’t present the opportunities that America did. It was… Keep Reading

Image Selling the Kurds our new media darlings

Selling the Kurds, our new media darlings

The quickly dwindling threat from the Islamic State will soon result in Western news consumers and security investments turning elsewhere. With the interests and resources gone, all that will remain is an ongoing civil war… Keep Reading

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