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Image Selling the Kurds our new media darlings

Selling the Kurds, our new media darlings

The quickly dwindling threat from the Islamic State will soon result in Western news consumers and security investments turning elsewhere. With the interests and resources gone, all that will remain is an ongoing civil war… Keep Reading

Image How to save the NBA from the NBA

How to save the NBA from the NBA

We all knew in July of 2016 where this train was going. The signing of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors, who just came off a record-breaking season, left a bad taste in the mouths… Keep Reading


The Dangers of Ignoring Strategic Intelligence

[This article was originally published on Eeben Barlow’s Military and Security Blog on September 20th, 2016.  It is reprinted here in its entirety with permission of the author. Images and video have been added by… Keep Reading

Image main Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi caricature Tehran

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi: Wanted, dead or alive

Russia claims to have killed the Islamic State founder, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. But what does that mean? Does it even matter? The Islamic State continues to lose terrain by the hour, finding itself besieged on… Keep Reading

MAIN Greece Germany

Germany and the EU’s continuing war against Greece

The Greek economic crisis is continuing to have dramatically negative effects on Greece’s economy and its long-term prospects, as well as the delicate domestic political balance achieved under the Syriza Government. By the fourth of May 2017… Keep Reading

A Memorial Day’s Solace

Lima Charlie News celebrates Memorial Day as a day of remembrance, a true dedication to our men and women in uniform, their families at home, and all those who have given their lives for our… Keep Reading

Trump Israel

A Trump Israel Wrap Up

JD Thompson reports from Tel Aviv on President Trump’s trip to Israel and his final day. US President Donald Trump’s final day in Israel was mostly successful, following his arrival Monday from Saudi Arabia. Overall, Mr. Trump… Keep Reading

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