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Image Ignoring Puerto Rico is not the American way [Lima Charlie News][Photo: Mario Tama]

Ignoring Puerto Rico is not the American way

Puerto Rico was already in crisis before Hurricane Maria hit the island, and increasing casualties have added urgency to the need for reform. Both Republicans and Democrats have plans to help the island, yet neither party is taking direct aim at the high cost of… Keep Reading

Image America's obsession with plastic [Lima Charlie News]

America’s obsession with plastic

While plastic continues to pose a real threat to our environment and health, America’s leadership, America’s lobbyists and America’s plastic culture all fight to keep us drowning in plastic. Now it has fallen to local governments and environmental advocacy organizations to take the lead. A few… Keep Reading

As U.S. doubles down on debt, EU austerity is paying dividends

As U.S. doubles down on debt, EU austerity pays dividends

Op-Ed: While other economies are on a strict debt-diet, the U.S. is gluttonous and hungry for more. Trumponomics has undoubtedly made the national stock markets happy, but a new financial crisis beckons, at least if the recent International Money Fund (IMF) forecast is to be… Keep Reading

Image Korea: Is Trump Bringing Peace in Our Time? [Lima Charlie News]

Korea: Is Trump Bringing ‘Peace in Our Time’?

The war between North and South Korea is set to find its formal end in 2018, a result of combined US, Chinese and South Korean pressure. The recent meeting between the leaders of the two sides promises a peaceful future on the divided Korean Peninsula.… Keep Reading

Image The French in Syria - a long and tortured history [Lima Charlie News]

The French in Syria – a long and tortured history

France has taken the position that it is a humanitarian force, eager to bomb Syria for using chemical weapons and to promote regime change. Yet something’s not quite right with this picture. General Patton once famously declared, “I would rather have a German division in… Keep Reading

Image The Week in U.S. Politics [Lima Charlie News]

This Week in U.S. Politics

Lima Charlie’s Weekly Review: U.S. Politics Edition – Highlights of the week in U.S. domestic, geo, cyber, politics. This week: Syrian missile strike, Paul Ryan’s exit, Mark Zuckerberg testifies, a European blockchain partnership and more. US Domestic Politics   House Speaker Paul Ryan Embarks On Final Term… Keep Reading

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