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Image Paul Ryan dabbing 01

I just want my elected official to dab

| By Carolina Sam Recently, a lot of hot air has been blown within the D.C. Beltway pundit class about what the 115th Congress should prioritize during the first 100 days of the Trump Administration. While some have advocated for a vigorous debate over the… Keep Reading

Image The Horse Race political podcast, Lima Charlie News

The Horse Race Episode 26 is live

The Horse Race is back, Episode 26. This week the team talks about confirmation hearings, Jeff Sessions, Cory Booker, Ben Carson, conflicts of interest, Michael Flynn and his call with a Russian ambassador, the Trump dossier, Heroes & Villains, Who in the media is a… Keep Reading

Image obamacare rally

Thousands rally nationwide to support Obamacare

Thousands show up at rallies nationwide to support Obamacare, led by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Thousands of people showed up in Warren, MI as well as Boston, MA for rallies to support the the Affordable Care Act, now under attack by a Republican… Keep Reading

Image Cory Booker Lima Charlie

Social media turns on Cory Booker over health care vote

Senator Cory Booker took heat on social media over his vote against the Klobuchar Amendment, a largely symbolic amendment that would allow Americans to purchase cheaper prescription drugs from Canada. Social Media can be a very harsh place. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) found this out… Keep Reading

Image Shauna Richardson

‘The Horse Race’ interviews actress, activist Shauna Richardson

Listen in on The Horse Race podcast, Episode 25: Special Edition, with actress and political activist Shauna Richardson. The Horse Race’s Mike Connolly sat down with actress, model, writer and political activist Shauna Richardson for a special bonus episode to discuss politics, public service, her campaign support for… Keep Reading

Image The Horse Race political podcast, Lima Charlie News

The Horse Race Episode 24, with Shawn VanDiver, is live

The Horse Race is back, with Special Guest, Navy veteran Shawn VanDiver. This week the team talks about: the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ethics, and allegations against Rep. Duncan Hunter, the Russian hacking report, the beginning of repeal for Obamacare, Meryl Streep &… Keep Reading

Image Bob Goodlatte

GOP’s ethical dilemma raises questions

The 115th Congress got off to a rocky start in its first days as Republican Members of Congress backed away from a bill that would strip power from the Office of Congressional Ethics. Washington – On Monday, House Republicans voted in a secret session to… Keep Reading

Image The Horse Race political podcast, Lima Charlie News

The Horse Race 2016 year in review is LIVE

The Horse Race is back and 2016 is out of here! This week the team gives its 2016 recap and talks about: Russian hacking, the Israel-Palestine UN resolution, who’s your favorite Democrat / Republican for 2016? Profiles in Courage Award, Profiles in Cowardice Award, a… Keep Reading

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