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Russia, Syria Rage Against ISIS to Take Back the Dam

Russia, Syria Rage Against ISIS to Take Back the Dam

Water: the unlikely WMD. As reported last week, Syrian Special Forces, supported by Russian Special Forces, made substantial gains in the march to reclaim Raqqa from ISIS’ stranglehold on the region. Russian air assets pounded the Tabqa Air Base for days with air-to-surface missiles and… Keep Reading

Taunting the Bear: A Misapplication of American Military Power

|By Maj. Joe Labarbera, Lima Charlie News The military forces of the United States absolutely must be the pre-eminent force in the world. This is demonstrated by a myriad of operational factors that clearly express U.S. superiority, such as technology, size, quality, leadership, logistical reach,… Keep Reading

Immortal Regiment In the Big Apple

Who needs these wars? Nobody. New York, New York – Lima Charlie News The ‪Immortal Regiment‬ is an international public rally held annually in May to commemorate veterans of ‪World War II. ‬The marches began in the Siberian city of Tomsk, Russia in 2012, where… Keep Reading

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