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Lima Charlie News reports on the latest stories from the Middle East | North Africa (MENA).

Iranian al Houthi Arms Shipment Investigations Continue

Weapons Allegedly Headed for al Houthi Rebels Seized Yemen – On JUL8, troops loyal to the Hadi Government seized a vessel believed to be heading to rearm al Houthi opposition forces, as reported by Hadi/Saudi-loyal media outlets in Yemen yesterday. The vessel allegedly contained weapons… Keep Reading

In Brief – JUL7 Middle East – North Africa

| Lima Charlie – In Brief – MENA Desk – JUL7 ‪#‎Jordan has removed mention of religion from its national identity cards, in a quiet but potentially historic change for the Kingdom, as they replace the cards for SMART CHIP cards. Although the religion of holders… Keep Reading

Bangladesh Hostage Standoff: ISIS Claims Responsibility

| Dhaka‬, Bangladesh (Lima Charlie News) – #Dhaka‬, #‎Bangladesh: at 1925(~)ZULU+2 JUL1 reports of gunfire were reported across the news wires. Local chatter indicated that the gunfire was occurring in the diplomatic area of #Dhaka, Bangladesh. 5 minutes later, the area of the fire exchange… Keep Reading

BREAKING: Explosions Gunfire Reported: Ataturk Airport #Istanbul

|BREAKING: Timestamp: 2142 ZULU+2 JUN28 20 m ago; Two explosions and gunfire erupted outside the domestic terminal at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. “Several people injured” according to Turkish media. Reports of at least 10 dead according to Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag. [UPDATE: Death toll has… Keep Reading

Israel Turkey Reach Deal to Normalize Relations

| ISRAEL TURKEY reach deal to normalize diplomatic relations; According to Israeli media: Deal with Turkey ‘a strategic interest for Israel’. The deal means that the Gaza blockade will remain, Turkey to prevent terror against Israel, help return captive Israelis. Israel in turn will provide… Keep Reading

Middle East Update

Lima Charlie Middle East / N. Africa Update – 27th June

|27TH of June – #MENA Weekly News Update from Lima Charlie News: INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY The #UnitedNationsSecurityCouncil met this week for its quarterly review of the situation in #Afghanistan. They also reviewed what progress is being made on humanitarian access to besieged areas in #Syria. The UN’s special… Keep Reading

ISIS Deploys Nerve Gas Against Retreating Syrian Forces

ISIS Deploys Nerve Gas Against Retreating Syrian Forces

[LC Confidence Index (LCCI): 65/100] As Russia and Syria continue the #BattleForRaqqa in a race to ISIS’ self-declared capital, confirmed reports surfaced that ISIS deployed nerve gas against retreating Syrian Democratic Force soldiers. SDF troops were apparently conducting a strategic retreat when the gas was… Keep Reading

Russia, Syria Rage Against ISIS to Take Back the Dam

Russia, Syria Rage Against ISIS to Take Back the Dam

Water: the unlikely WMD. As reported last week, Syrian Special Forces, supported by Russian Special Forces, made substantial gains in the march to reclaim Raqqa from ISIS’ stranglehold on the region. Russian air assets pounded the Tabqa Air Base for days with air-to-surface missiles and… Keep Reading

Lima Charlie’s MENA Weekly Update – 13th June ‪‎

13th of June – ‪‎#MENA Weekly News Update from Lima Charlie News: #OmarMateen, 29, the active shooter in the Orlando, Florida tragedy yesterday that resulted in 50 deaths and at least 53 wounded, according to the Orlando Police pledged #ISIS allegiance in a phone call… Keep Reading

Small Arms Imports to Middle East Double

|By John Sjoholm and Associated Press Wire – Lima Charlie News June 12th/1303 ZULU+1 Small arms and light weapons imports in the Middle East rose from $342 million in 2012, to $630 million in 2013, says a report issued by the United Nations. The Small… Keep Reading

ISIS' Weapon of Mass Destruction: Water

ISIS’ Weapon of Mass Destruction: Water

Report about the Tabqa Dam and the battle to retake Raqqa from the ISIS stranglehold. Monday June 7th, 1222 ZULU +1 As the Kurdish and Iraqi offensive towards Mosul is ongoing and ISIS is losing its foot hold in Fallujah, quickly falling back to escape… Keep Reading

Lima Charlie’s MENA News Briefing – 6th June

6th of June – ‪‎LimaCharlie’s ‪#MENA Weekly News Briefing: As the month of #Ramadan begins, the battle for #Aleppo has reached new heights. The reported civilian death toll in Aleppo in the past week is in the high double digits, and there is little end… Keep Reading

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