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Image What’s ailing South Korea? [Lima Charlie News]

What’s ailing South Korea?

Investors may look at the prevalence of South Korean brands, and the success of South Korean companies, and see an appealing investment destination. They should be wary. It is true that South Korea is an… Keep Reading

Image Kim Jong-Un isn’t as crazy as you think [Lima Charlie News][Image: Reuters]

Kim Jong-Un isn’t as crazy as you think

It is widely believed that North Korea and its leaders are crazy or irrational. Incoming National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has said that Kim Jong-Un is irrational and cannot be deterred. His predecessor, HR McMaster,… Keep Reading

Mosul: The Longest, Hardest Slog

The fight for Mosul did not have to be this difficult. In the film Gettysburg, there is a scene where Confederate Maj. Gen. Isaac Trimble insists to Robert E. Lee that the rebels had made… Keep Reading

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