Image Lima Charlie News - media sponsor of this year's Blockchain 360 Conference

Lima Charlie News – media sponsor of this year’s Blockchain 360 Conference


Lima Charlie News is a proud media sponsor of this year’s Blockchain 360 Conference.

Blockchains come in many shapes and sizes – permissioned vs permissionless, proprietary vs open source, and with a sometimes confusing array of consensus mechanisms underpinning their core functionality. So how does one choose a direction that’s right for different financial applications? Determining how data transparency vs privacy and security plays a role in blockchain choice.

Lima Charlie News is a proud media sponsor for this year’s Blockchain 360 Conference (October 23-24, 2017) at the Intercontinental Hotel, Times Square, New York City.

What Are Blockchain Technologies?
How Do Blockchains Work?

A Blockchain is a distributed ledger of unchangeable, digitally recorded data. Data of any type can be recorded in a blockchain: financial transactions, titles to real estate, etc. Unlike a traditional database housing the same data, a blockchain does not have to rely on a centralized administrator.

We chose this infographic because we think our friends at PWC have represented it best:

See an indepth introduction to Blockchain – ‘The’ Blockchain – Reshaping the World of Business (by ).

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Scaling Blockchain for IoT Across Industry & Enterprise

Improve Security & Privacy Through Decentralized Networks

Blockchain technology, the underlying technology of Bitcoin, is in its infancy but growing at an unprecedented rate. With a tremendous potential for industries beyond the payments market, now is the time to collectively decide what role it will play in the future of IoT. Looking for more information on the conference (click here)