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MENA Report podcast: the latest in the coalition offensive against ISIS in Syria

Lima Charlie News MENA Report covers Middle East / North Africa developments as reported by Lima Charlie’s MENA Bureau. This week, MENA Bureau Chief John Sjoholm and LC Editor-in-Chief Anthony LoPresti discuss the ongoing coalition offensive against ISIS in Syria, the battle for Tabqa Dam, Tabqa Airbase and the assault on the Islamic Caliphate’s self-proclaimed capital, al Raqqa. The big question then discussed is, what will happen when ISIS in al Raqqa and Syria is defeated? Along the way, John discusses his recent article, “VICTORY – Mission Tabqa Dam Complete, joint US SpecOps retake vital dam from ISIS,” and his OpEd, “Secretary of Defense James Mattis: Moderate? Liberal? American.”

Listen in to Ep. 01.

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John Sjoholm, Middle East Bureau Chief, Lima Charlie News

John Sjoholm is Lima Charlie’s Middle East Bureau Chief, and founder of the consulting organization Erudite Group. He is a seasoned Middle East connoisseur, with a past in the Swedish Army’s Special Forces branch and the Security Contracting industry. He studied religion and languages in Sana’a, Yemen, and Cairo, Egypt. He lived and operated extensively in the Middle East between 2005-2012 as part of regional stabilizing projects, and currently resides in Jordan. Follow John on Twitter @JohnSjoholmLC

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