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MENA BRIEF, SITREP June 4 – June 13: Middle East and Northern Africa Regional Low Intensity Conflicts.

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Attack in Iran

Terror Strikes Iran, Lima Charlie News

Iran’s Response to Islamic State Terrorism, Lima Charlie News

The Iranian security forces have as of JUN11 arrested 41 individuals with alleged Islamic State links across the country.

Islamic State claims Melbourne, Australia, incident

The Islamic State has claimed the June 5 incident in the Brighton area of Melbourne, Australia. The claim came through the usual channel, the al Amaq Agency – an Islamic State affiliated propaganda outlet. The incident left 2 people dead, including the attacker, and 3 police officers wounded.


Protests: Minor Shiite opposition groups continue to protest throughout the country. The protests, and gatherings, are kept around 2300 hours due to Ramadan observations.


HEALTH: The Ministry of Health (MoH) has reported 28 new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus (MERS-CoV) throughout the week. The majority of the cases were detected in the greater Riyadh area.


Transfer of Islands: The Egyptian government is moving ahead to finalize the transfer of the Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia. In the coming week, the Egyptian Parliament will vote on an agreement to redefine the Egyptian maritime borders in Saudi Arabian favor. The agreement between Saudi Arabia and Egypt has been met by fierce domestic resistance, and is currently being challenged in a number of court cases. A January 2017 Supreme Administrative Court ruling rejected the transfer, while a Court of Urgent matters ruling April 2017 overturned that decision.

JUN11, Badaway, Dakahlia Province, Egypt; The Ministry of Interior (MoI) states that two motorcycle-borne gunmen opened fire against a police vehicle during the night between JUN10 and JUN11. Inside the vehicle was a local police commander and his driver, who were both injured in the shooting. The police commander died from his wounds in the hospital two hours later.

JUN5, Turkey, Izmir Intercity Bus Terminal, Izmir; Two male Afghan nationals were arrested by Turkish police for suspected Islamic State affiliation. The two individuals are accused of having been to the bus station to scout for soft targets to attack. Izmir, located in the south western part of Turkey, is the third largest city in Turkey, and a fairly popular tourist destination.

JUN11, Turkey, Istanbul; 18 Islamic State affiliated individuals were arrested in 11 different raids throughout the greater Istanbul area. During the operation the security forces found, and seized, weapons, documents, and explosives.


JUN5, Yemen, Sana’a; The President of the al Houthi affiliated Supreme Political Council has stated that the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Mr. Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, is no longer welcomed to al Houthi controlled areas of the country. The Political Council considers Mr Ahmed biased against them, and insists on that a replacement is found immediately. The United Nations is yet to respond to the situation.

JUN9, Yemen; The International Committe of the Red Cross (ICRC) stated in a JUN9 report that detected cholera cases in Yemen have surpassed the 100,000 mark. The cholera outbreak has so far had 789 confirmed deaths.


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