Joe Stone | US Army Combat Veteran | Lima Charlie Contributor

Joe Stone is an Army combat veteran having served tours in Guantanamo Bay, Egypt, and Afghanistan, as well as two tours in Iraq. After 15 years of service, Joe was medically discharged from the Army, returning to his home in Washington State. There Joe focused on his reintegration into civilian life through extensive civic engagement and veteran outreach, focusing as well on volunteering with local community groups and writing.

After joining the local Veterans of Foreign Wars post, Joe volunteered to start a web site and social media accounts, which were lauded by senior VFW officials for bridging the gap and providing better outreach to younger veterans. Because of his efforts, Joe was appointed as the Adjutant, quickly working up the ranks to be elected as the Senior Vice Commander. During his tenure with the post, it has reached All-State status multiple times, and was awarded as an All-American Post at the VFW National Convention, among numerous other accomplishments.

Joe currently lives in Vancouver, WA with his wife and 4 kids, while building a new business, and is a full-time student.

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