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Michael Morford is a former U.S. Army captain and a Security Fellow with Truman National Security Project. He is also president of VertiPrime Government Services, a service disabled veteran-owned small business. An Iraq War veteran, Michael was a two-time Louisiana Reserve company-grade officer of the year and a 2000 MacArthur Leadership Award recipient. A logistics officer focused on war planning, he worked 'down trace' to 3rd Army and CentCom and served in the Joint Logistics Headquarters in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.
image NATO’s value can’t be measured in nickels and dimes [Lima Charlie News]
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NATO’s value can’t be measured in nickels and dimes

OPINION: President Trump has viewed NATO’s strength in the dollars it spends on weapons, yet history has shown that the 70-year old alliance provides the most value when no shots are being fired. For a week in the spring of 2000, I awoke in an… Keep Reading

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