Image Dale M. Nelson
Lisa McFadden and Dale Nelson portraits in Washington DC on October 23, 2011. Photo by Paul Morse © 2011.

Dale M. Nelson

Dale M. Nelson | U.S. Air Force | Political Columnist 

Dale M. Nelson is a 1999 graduate of the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Telecommunications. He also holds a Master’s of Science in International Relations from Troy University. Dale is a former United States Air Force officer with eight years active duty service, attaining the rank of Captain. His military specialties included Logistics, Operations Planning and Crisis Action Planning. In his civilian career, Dale has managed a portfolio of technology programs for the Defense Department including satellite communications networks, cyberwarfare and information operations systems. Mr. Nelson is also a novelist and his work can be found here. He currently lives with his family in Washington D.C.

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