Breaking: Iranian Reformer Released After 7 Years In Solitary

ZULU+1 2311/JUNE 03

Famous Iranian reformist politician, and senior member of the Islamic Iran Participation Front, Seyyed Mostafa Tajzadeh (Persian: سید مصطفی تاج‌زاده‎‎) was released today from the notorious Evin Prison after 7 years in solitary confinement. Mr. Tajzdadeh was briefly Acting Minister of Interior under the administration of President Mohammad Khatami after the impeachment of Abdollah Nouri, an advisor to President Mohammad Khatami in his last two years of administration, and a deputy at the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Culture. He was arrested as a result of his participation in the 2009 Iranian election protests, and convicted on the charges of “assembly and collusion against national security” and “propaganda against the regime”. He was sentenced to six years at the Evin Prison. In 2014, while still in prison, he faced new charges and was convicted of an additional 1 year in prison. He remains under a 10-year ban on political and press activities by Branch 15 of the Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Court.

Mr Tajzadeh is also a member of Association of Iranian Journalists.

John Sjoholm, Lima Charlie’s Middle East Bureau Chief

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