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Image Lima Charlie News Headline Organised Crime Part 2 Busch FEB 24 2019

Major Chinese Triads

Major Chinese Triads [Appendix to ‘Organised Crime in Asia – An [In]convenient Relationship: Part 2‘] 14K Group 十四K 14K Baai Lo 十四K 湃廬 14K Chung 十四K 忠字堆 14K Chung Yee Tong 十四K 忠義堂 14K Hau 十四K 孝字堆 14K Kim 十四K 劍字堆 14K Lai 十四K 禮字堆 14K Lun 十四K 倫字堆 14K Ngai 十四K 毅字堆 14K Sai Shing Tong 十四K 西勝堂 14K Sai Yee Tong 十四K 西義堂 14K… Keep Reading

Image Critics of India's ruling government rounded up in raids [Lima Charlie News][Image: AFP]

Critics of India’s ruling government rounded up in raids

Civil society groups in India are outraged, accusing the government of arresting activists to punish and ward off political dissent. Indian police have arrested five people for alleged links to Maoist Rebels. Rights groups have listed the arrested: lawyer Vernon Gonsalves, communist poet Varavara Rao,… Keep Reading

Image Intelligence Community mobilizes for Cyber War with Russia [Lima Charlie News][Photo: Mark Wilson]

Intelligence Community mobilizes for Cyber War with Russia

A phalanx of U.S. intelligence leaders confirmed this week ongoing Russian cyber and malign operations, attacks against U.S. midterm elections, and plans to counter the threat. FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, National Security Adviser John R. Bolton, National Security Agency head Gen. Paul M. Nakasone,… Keep Reading

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